• Andrew McGuinness

Breaking: Oskar Lindblom Diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, A Rare Form of Bone Cancer

When we found out that Oskar Lindblom was out for Wednesday's game with an upper-body injury, we all thought it was probably no big deal. Lindy has been one of the Flyers toughest players ever since he was called up in February 2018. What could possibly get to him?

Then the Flyers released this on Friday afternoon, hitting us all like a thousand bricks.

From WebMD, "Ewing's sarcoma is a very rare type of cancerous tumor that grows in your bones or the soft tissue around your bones, such as cartilage or the nerves. It usually affects people from the ages of 10 to 20 and has a high rate of being cured." However, it is important to note that survival rates hinge heavily on specific details, such as how early the cancer is detected, where it is detected (it's been confirmed to be somewhere in Lindblom's upper-body), and if it has spread to other parts of the body or not.

Obviously, this is horrible, horrible news. I'll touch on the impact it will have on the roster briefly, but that's far from the main point here. Losing Lindblom, tied with TK for the team lead in goals (11), is a tough blow to the Flyers roster. With Raffl, Patrick, and Konecny all currently on the shelf as well, Philadelphia's forward depth is really depleted, and goals are probably going to come at a premium until Raffl and Konecny return.

But this diagnosis is WAY bigger than hockey. Oskar Lindblom is more than an amazing hockey player; he's an amazing person. I've never met Oskar, but he seems like an incredibly nice and compassionate person that his friends and family are lucky to have. He is just 23, and has his whole life and career ahead of him. This news is absolutely gut-wrenching.

The good news is that I'm sure the Flyers, as they stated, will ensure that Lindblom gets the best treatment possible and his road to conquer this terrible disease will be the best it possibly can be. My thoughts and prayers are with Oskar and his family tonight, and I'm sure yours are, too. We are all #OskarStrong.