• Andrew McGuinness

Flyers Fan Reaction (FFR1) Gm 20: TB 6, PHI 5 (OT) - The Lits and the Lit Nots

It was 5-1.

Key word is was. Then it wasn't. And then it didn't matter, at least for the Lightning. But it certainly mattered for the home team, regardless of the final outcome.

The Philadelphia Flyers, lose, in overtime at least, 6-5 to the Tampa Bay Lightning, empahsis on the lit part. If you took a nap with 12 minutes left in the 3rd period (or was played the take a shot after every PP goal against game) and are just waking up, no, you are dreaming, and no, this is not a typo. But going back to the first sentence, the Lightning's name is appropraite because they are a pretty lit team, and one the Flyers should aspire to become some day. And because of that, and the fact that this game was far too abnormal for just another ordinary summary, we are going to rate everything on this game on a scale of "lit" to "non-lit." I apologize in advance if you are over the age of 12.

The Flyers outshooting the Lightning 18-7 in the first period - pretty lit, other than the fact they were shut down by (checks notes) oh right another career backup goalie in Louie Domingue. And of course you know what happens next.

Tampa Bay's superior depth and competent power play torching the Flyers for the first two goals of the game - not lit. Not lit at all.

Having a chance to say, "JVRn't you glad that James van Riemsdyk lit the lamp" for the first time in 6 years? Yeah, that's pretty freaking lit. And a power play goal at that? And they're outshooting Tampa Bay 16-8 in the 2nd period? What could possibly go wrong.

Three Lightning goals later...

Brayden Point, fresh off his first career hat trick, scoring in the 2nd was not lit at all. But Tyler Johnson and Point scoring 2 power play goals in 11 FREAKING SECONDS? That's just dark, man.

What, dark is the opposite of lit, no?

The Flyers falling into despair and willowing away, suffering another embarassing home loss and dropping 3 straight games in regulation on home ice at nearly the exact same point in the season as the 10 game losing streak? Zero litness whatsoever.

Also, not true.

Travis Konecny finally lighting the lamp? Lit, I guess, but only because it's TK and he deserves a goal. Sean Couturier scoring off a Lightning turnover in the slot? Mildly lit at best. A little litter since they were both PPGs, as the Flyers equalled their amount of power play goals today as they had over their last 43 attempts coming into play today, but still, meh.

TK chipping home a perfect pass to the netmouth from Captain Claude for his 4th career 2 goal game? Litter, but not that lit, especially because we know what happens next. The Flyers offense stalls, the Lightning add an ENG, and we all go back to watching my Notre Dame Fighting Irish demolish Syracuse at Yankee Stadium. Here we go, chaning the channel...

WAIT, screams Robert Hagg, breaking right back into the offensive zone, less than a minute after TK's second tally, looking for litness with a shot up high on Domingue, creating a rebound chance in front?

Wayne Simmonds' first rebound chance, a backhander stuffed into Domingue's pads? I've seen litter.

His second chance, a diving try that Domingue got with his stick? Litter, but not the lit we were looking forward.

His third chance?


You heard that right, folks! In a game at the Wells Fargo Center, it's the FLYERS storming back with 4 goals in just 6:04 to miracously tie the game in the final 4 minutes of regulation? In your life have you seen anything litter?

Well, you certaintly wouldn't see anything litter in overtime, as Anthony Cirelli sniped on Cal Pickard to win the game for the Lightning. Technically still half-lit since the Flyers got 1 out of a possible 2 points, but still.

But also wow can you believe what they did.

For all the frustrating losses the Flyers have had this season, they've also had a few (vs. Vegas in their 5th game, Thursday against New Jersey) that have presented some positives to build on. And to their credit, the Flyers built on the positives in terms of offensive chances both at 5-on-5 and on the power play. They hit 5 posts in that New Jersey loss, then scored 5 times against Tampa Bay, exposing some of their weaknesses that are often masked by Andrei Vasilevskiy, who is currently out with a broken foot. And this game proved to me that this team is NEVER out of a game, regardless of the score. The Flyers easily could've (and probably should've) won this game in regulation - they outshot the Lightning, one of the best teams in the NHL, 45-23 in regulation (although they were outshot 3-0 in overtime). It also may have proved they are gonna have a hard time winning these next 2 weeks without Brian Elliott. But if this team is gonna be mediocre (and they probably still will be), at least we know they're gonna try their best not to be anything lower.

Maybe that will eventually make them something better.

Game Notes

Getting a point today was especially big in my eyes because it keeps the Flyers at hockey .500. Please don't fall it below again this year Flyers. I'm begging you.

Claude Giroux's secondary assist on JVR's goal was his 700th career point.

James van Riemsdyk's goal was his first as a Flyer since Game 1 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Semifinals on April 29th of that year. That game is known for being: the last time the Flyers won a game in the 2nd round, the last time the Flyers hosted a Game 1, and the lst time the Flyers won a playoff game in overtime (thanks, Danny Briere). Needless to say a few things have changed since. Today was also JVR's 200th game as a Flyer by the way.

In case you were wondering how the other part of that trade worked out, Luke Schenn was just put on waivers by Anaheim. So not well.

While I tried to stay positive in this article, one negative you can take away from this game for sure was the Lightning's 5th goal. After a 5-on-3 tally by Johnson, the Flyers just sulked their way through their next shift despite still being shorthanded, and they got burnt because of it. Would've been a good moment for Dave Hakstol to use his timeout, sure, but I'll put some blame on the team themselves for letting this happen again.

Radko Gudas returned to the lineup after a brief illness, although Andrew MacDonald stayed in the lineup in place of Christian Folin. I'm not particurally against the move, although looking into it Folin has actually been one of the Flyers better d-man by advanced metrics. Which is probably why Hak scratched him if we're being honest.

I'm really surprised that Cal Pickard was allowed to stay in for the entirety of Tampa Bay's onslaught, especially considering Hak has trusted Alex Lyon before and the Flyers don't play again until Wednesday.

Philadelphia became the 9th team in NHL history to overcome a 4-goal deficit in the final 10 minutes of a game.

Yep, Shittsburgh is still last in the metro. Enjoy it while it lasts, guys. It's the only thing better than that comeback. And Jimmy Butler's buzzer-beater in OT against Charlotte. And ND's dismantling of Syracuse to put them within 1 win of locking down a spot in the College Football Playoff. Ok maybe not that last one.

Sorry when did this become a college football blog again?

3 Stars

1st - A. Cirelli (TB) - 1 G

2nd - J. van Reimsdyk (PHI) - 1 G, 1 A

3rd - B. Point (TB) - 2 G


TB - 11/19 @ NSH (14-5-1)

PHI - 11/21 @ BUF (12-6-2)