• Andrew McGuinness

Full 2018-19 NHL Season Preview

It's that time of year again, hockey fans! Who's ready for a preview of the upcoming season that seems plausible and is outright destroyed by Thanksgiving. It's impossible to predict an entire season with anything close to success, but that doesn't mean it's fun to try. Here are my complete predictions for every team, the playoffs, and some awards. I'm not gonna lie, I had full on descriptions written out for each prediciton (they were pretty - kinda - ok, they really weren't that funny, but still), but then Wix decided to delete them 10 minutes before I scheduled this to go up. So, for lack of a better solution, here are my predictions without any fluff (don't worry, I'm sure they'll age just as poorly as before):

Metropolitan Divison

Washington Capitals - Y (107 PTS)

Philadelphia Flyers - X (103 PTS)

Columbus Blue Jackets - X (100 PTS)

Pittsburgh Penguins - X (97 PTS)

New Jersey Devils (92 PTS)

Carolina Hurricanes (85 PTS)

New York Rangers (78 PTS)

New York Islanders (71 PTS)

Atlantic Division

Toronto Maple Leafs - P (114 PTS)

Tampa Bay Lightning - X (108 PTS)

Boston Bruins - X (102 PTS)

Florida Panthers - X (95 PTS)

Buffalo Sabres (89 PTS)

Montreal Canadiens (81 PTS)

Ottawa Senators (72 PTS)

Detroit Red Wings (69 PTS)

Central Division

Winnipeg Jets - Z (110 PTS)

St. Louis Blues - X (105 PTS)

Nashville Predators - X (100 PTS)

Dallas Stars (93 PTS)

Colorado Avalanche (87 PTS)

Chicago Blackhawks (82 PTS)

Minnesota Wild (77 PTS)

Pacific Divison

San Jose Sharks - Y (106 PTS)

Los Angeles Kings - X (101 PTS)

Vegas Golden Knights - X (100 PTS)

Calgary Flames - X (97 PTS)

Anaheim Ducks - X (95 PTS)

Arizona Coyotes (88 PTS)

Edmonton Oilers (80 PTS)

Vancouver Canucks (74 PTS)


Toronto (A1) beats Florida (WC2) in 5

Tampa Bay (A2) beats Boston (A3) in 6

Pittsburgh (WC1) beats Washington (M1) in 7

Philadelphia (M2) beats Columbus (M3) in 7

Winnipeg (C1) beats Anaheim (WC2) in 4

St. Louis (C2) beats Nashville (C3) in 7

San Jose (P1) beats Calgary (WC1) in 6

Los Angeles (P2) beats Vegas (P3) in 7

Toronto (A1) beats Tampa Bay (A2) in 6

Pittsburgh (WC1) beats Philadelphia (M2) in 7

St. Louis (C2) beats Winnipeg (C1) in 6

San Jose (P1) beats Los Angeles (P3) in 5

Toronto (A1) beats Pittsburgh (WC1) in 5

San Jose (P1) beats St. Louis (C2) in 6

San Jose (P1) beats Toronto (A1) in 7


Art Ross: Connor McDavid (EDM)

Hart: Auston Matthews (TOR)

Norris: P.K. Subban (NSH)

Calder: Elias Petterson (VAN)

Conn Smythe: Martin Jones (SJ)

Vezina: Andrei Vasilevsky (TB)

Selke: Sean Couturier (PHI)

Lindsay: Connor McDavid (EDM)

Rocket Richard: Patrik Laine (WPG)

Jack Adams: Mike Yeo (STL)