• Andrew McGuinness

Welcome to Back of the Net!

Hello Internet!

My name is Andrew McGuinness. I'm a junior in high school in South Jersey and a die-heart Flyers fan. I love hockey, but don't have many people to talk about it with. Hence, this blog. I'll be writing mostly about the Flyers but will also cover the NHL overall as well as big moments from the other Philadelphia sports teams (Phillies, Eagles, and 76ers). I have only been a hockey fan for a few years but I have already learned a ton about the sport and have a great passion. My goal is to become a sports journalist or broadcatser, but until I become the next Jim Jackson or Mike Emrick, I'll be here. It's the offseason right now, so obviously there's not much going on. I'll be making two inaugural posts along with this one - one about my thoughts on every team in the NHL and another one where I deep dive into my thoughts on just the Flyers. I hope you enjoy visiting, and make sure to contact me (my email and twitter are on the header) if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how to make this site better for you. Thanks, and Go Flyers!